This is Ciaran Fallon.
A deep-voiced, game-obsessed, half-Irish filmmaker with a deep appreciation for fast cars and rare steak. Currently in his final year of Film School, he is trying to perfect his craft and figure out just what the hell is going to happen after graduation arrives, leaving him in the same boat as his partner in podcast crime.
Whether writing, directing or editing, his cinematic fantasies are fueled by the idea of satire, with the dream being to make his first feature in the beloved style. Failing that, he has plenty of unplayed games on his Steam list that will take at least a couple of years to fully complete.
When not wasting time dreaming about achieving his life-long goals, he's wasting time getting inconsequentially good at Counter-Strike, writing video game reviews, listening to his own voice on We Play Life or playing Piano like Lang-Lang.
Links to his social networks and video channels are featured below!
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