This is Jordie Donachie.
A budding young photographer who takes inspiration from cinema and the gaming world. After leaving university where he got a 2:1 in Photography, he was pushed into the money hungry world and is trying to find his way by making money off of his talents and crafts. But don't paint him in your head as a typical 'hipster' photographer...
He works with an intense professional edge and is always seeking perfection through his art form which he always thrives to improve upon. He even created THE WHOLE of this very website with all of the photography which goes with it too!
Stepping away from his professional side, Jordie enjoys writing game reviews, has played guitar for around 7-8 years, loves to game (no shit) and likes to make random electronic crap out of nothing. He once connected his DSLR camera to his Nintendo DS... It's pretty fucking sweet.
Check out all of his social networks and his photography website in the links below!
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